Welcome to our Charity

TARS Foundation® is a most trusted and successful non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization registered in KPK Province of Pakistan, working since 2015 to provide Timely Aid and Relief Support (TARS) to thousands of people within KPK Province, mainly in Peshawar and connected areas.

Founded by a local patron – Abdul Majid Qureshi and then joined by other volunteers determined to make a difference, the foundation has since then supported thousands of families and many other individuals. All of the work is totally supported by donations that common people from across the world offer in the various form including cash, food, clothing, shelter, medicines, sponsorship, adoption, education and volunteering.


Pride of Performance Award

The President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi conferred Pride of Performance award upon Mr. Abdul Majid Qureshi, the Founder & President of TARS Foundation, on 23rd March 2021 in Ewaan-e-Sadr Islamabad in recognition of his tremendous and tireless social work and humanitarian services for the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on behalf of his non-profit organization TARS Foundation.


Achievements till 2021

126 Destitute Families Sponsored

Under our monthly support program, 126 new destitute families have been sponsored who continue to receive monthly allowance.

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12500+ Patients Supported

Poor patients having chronic diseases have been supported in their treatment and purchase of medicines.

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Meal Distributed in 800000+ People

Daily free meal distribution in homeless, labors, families living in shelters in slums and other deserving people.

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Monthly Ration in 14000+ Families

Widows, orphans, patients, disabled and other destitute families regularly received their Monthly Ration Packages from us.

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Ramadan Ration in 2500+ Families

In the blessed month of Ramadan, 1200 Ramadan Ration packages have been distributed in 7 districts of KPK in the destitute families.

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56 Electric Water Coolers Installed

For public to have easy access to cold & clean drinking water in summer, Electric Water Coolers were installed on several public places.

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480+ Plastic Water Coolers Installed

For public to have easy access to cold & clean drinking water in summer, Plastic Water Coolers were also placed on several public places.

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8 Nos. Hand Pumps Installed

Hands pumps were installed in deserving communities of Peshawar including slum areas where the families had no access to water.

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Served 60000+ People in Iftaar

In the blessed month of Ramadan, Iftaar Dastarkhwan was daily organized in Peshawar,Nowshera and Chitral districts for general public.

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Distributed Eid Gifts in 3200+ Families

Unstiched clothes and cash envelopes have been distributed as Eid Gifts in the poor families in several deserving communities.

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Our Causes

Free Food Distribution

We daily distribute free cooked meal in 600+ needy people, apart from distributing monthly ration packages in 150 needy families.

Orphan Families Support

Various orphan families are being supported with monthly cash help fulfilling their daily basic needs including food, education, etc.

Poor Patients Support

A number of poor patients having severe diseases are being financially supported in their treatments and medications.

Disabled People Support

Disabled people are supported in various ways including cash help every month, wheelchairs donation and other support.

Elderly People Support

Those elders suffering from poverty and diseases, and compelled to beg on the streets are supported with cash and medications.

Homeless People Support

We provide food, clothing, cash, medications, and other support to the homeless people who suffer from poverty and negligence.

Poor Families Support

A number of families affected by poverty are being supported to fulfill their daily basic needs including food, clothing, education etc.

Orphan Girls Wedding Support

We provide financial aid to orphan girls for their wedding, including arranging dowry, clothes, baraat food, and other support.

Water Projects

Water coolers are installed in public places for general public use. Likewise, hand pumps are installed in deserving communities.

Clothes for Needy People

Warm winter clothes are distributed every year in the deserving families, including labors, homeless, and families living in slums.

Business Initiative for Poors

People suffering from poverty but having the ability to start small business, are supported so that they become self-reliant.

Education & Skills Development

Small school setup is run in slum for out-of-school children and also sewing skills are being taught to drug addicted people.

Awareness Campaigns

Occasional cleanliness and awareness campaigns are arranged in slums for educating the underprivileged families.

Masajid Construction Support

We provided financial support to under construction Masajid. Also we donate different items to Masajid, like Quran tables, fans etc.

Animal Sacrifices/Qurbani

Every year we perform Collective Qurbani on behalf of our donors and distribute the meat in the deserving communities.

We love to help the needy people that have problems in the society. After 4 years we have many goals achieved.


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