Poverty is one of the major social problems in Pakistan. A large portion of population is living in villages, slums and streets, and is earning their livelihood below the poverty line. They are underprivileged, leading a life where there is no money, less education, lack of sanitation facilities, food and safe drinking water and no proper houses. Many poor people don’t beg because they feel humiliated. In such conditions, people are deprived of their basic necessities of life. Poverty leads to problems like child labor and crime which are passed on to the next generations.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said: "Protect yourself from hell-fire even by giving a piece of date as a charity.”(Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

We can make a difference by donating and helping poor and low-income families making their homes safer, healthier and more energy efficient.

Poor Families’ Support

TARS Foundation provides the needy and poor families with financial support on monthly basis depending on their needs. The support can be in the form of cash money, paying utility bills, providing basic household items, paying children’s educational expenses etc. Many people become financially unstable due to many reasons and TARS helps all of those who can’t even live up to the daily life expenses.

TARS Foundation is currently sponsoring several families in Peshawar and connected regions that are registered with the Foundation. Under this cause, vulnerable families receive a regular monthly allowance depending upon family needs and number of family members, which enables them to cover their food, clothes, education and other daily living expenses.

Apart from monthly cash allowance, TARS Foundation also provides Monthly Ration Package to those needy families on monthly basis.

TARS Foundation also supports other poor families that are not registered with the foundation and that are referred to TARS Foundation from various authentic sources.


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