Building a mosque is a wonderful act of Sadaqah Jariyah! The reward for building a mosque is unending, and as long as people are benefiting from the mosque you’ve helped build then you will continue to receive rewards from Allah (SWT) even in the Hereafter.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whoever builds a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise.” [Bukhari]


TARS Masajid Construction Support

On your request, TARS Foundation can provide support to under-construction masajid by sponsoring small works like painting work, electrical work, plumber work, tiling work, water supply work and other small construction works, provided that the requested work fall within our budget. In addition, TARS Foundation can also provide different items to masajid including carpets, Quran, UPS, Generator, fans, Quran Tables, etc, provided that the funds are available with us for the item(s) requested for masjid.

Alhamdulillah, up to now TARS Foundation has provided monitorial support in construction of several masajid in Peshawar and connected areas, and has helped dozens of other already-built masajid in the form of items/materials as mentioned above on need basis.

So far, TARS Foundation has not yet sponsored a full masjid construction project, however, in near future, as our charity work grows, we are looking forward to starting “BUILD A MOSQUE” project inShaAllah.

You can send us your Sadaqah Jariyah amount and with your request we can utilize it in any under construction masjid for an unending reward for you and your loved ones.

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