Corona Emergency Ration Packages

Due to pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak throughout the world which has suffered millions of people and has taken the lives of thousands, people of Pakistan are also in great danger and suffered a lot because of the lockdown throughout the country. Among the affected people also include those who work as daily-wagers because they are compelled to stay at home due to lockdown.

In this situation, TARS Foundation is preparing and distributing ration packages in the daily-wagers and other needy and white-collar families in district Peshawar and connected areas, who are affected by lockdown due to pandemic coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.


Ration Packages Contents

Our each Ration Package cost Rs.3,200 and contains the following food items:

S.No. Item Qty
1 Flour 5 Kg
2 Ghee 3 Kg
3 Sugar 3 Kg
4 Saila Rice 3 Kg
5 Lobia 2 Kg
6 Channah 2 Kg
7 Daal Channah 1 Kg
8 Daal Masoor 1 Kg
9 Black Tea 0.5 Kg
10 Milk Packets 2 Ltr
11 Powder Milk 0.5 Kg
12 Mix Masala 0.25 Kg
13 Salt 1 Kg
14 Facewash Soap 2 Nos.

Below are few

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