Clothes are one of the basic needs of any human being for covering and protecting their bodies from climate and environment. Quite sadly, many less privileged people, especially those living on the streets, by the roadsides, on the footpaths, inside subways and under the bridges, cannot afford to buy clothes for different seasons. Donated clothes are, sometimes, the only way homeless and other vulnerable people can manage to wear and survive in harsh conditions. Distributing clothes also help other disaster victims.

Apart from helping the needy people with cash, food and medications, TARS Foundation also supports needy people with clothes throughout the year at various occasions.

There are three sub-sectors under this cause:

1. Winter Packages Distribution
2. Used Clothes Distribution
3. Eid Gifts Distribution

1. Winter Packages Distribution

1. Winter Packages Distribution Upon the arrival of winter season every year, TARS Foundation has the tradition of distributing Winter Packages among the needy and poor families. The Winter Package includes warm clothes, blankets, pillows, sweaters, jackets, shawls, socks etc. These are distributed not only among the deserving families registered in monthly-help- list of TARS Foundation, but also on roadsides among the daily-wagers, small vendors, hardworking elderly people and other under-privileged people and families.

2. Used Clothes Distribution

Throughout the year, people from different parts of the world donate their used clothes, shoes and other wearable to TARS Foundation for distribution in the needy people. Those used wearable items are initially inspected by the team of TARS Foundation for cleanliness and condition, and after that they are sent to different under-privileged communities for distribution among needy families. In addition, the items are also distributed on different roadsides among the daily wagers, small vendors, and other deserving people.

If you have used clothes, you may send them to TARS Foundation at our following address:

TARS Foundation
Office # 1, First Floor, Janaan Plaza,
Main Gulbahar Road, near Rokhanakoor Hospital,
Peshawar, 25000, PAKISTAN
Tel: 0092 91 2606054

3. Eid Gifts Distribution

Eid is the occasion of sharing happiness and joy with everyone. On this blessed occasion, TARS Foundation also cares about bringing smiles on the faces of needy people. Alhamdulillah, every year before Eid-ul-Fitr, TARS Foundation arranges new unstitched-clothes for men, women and children, which are then distributed as “Eid Gifts” both among the needy families as well as daily-wagers on roadsides. The needy families include widows, orphans, disabled, patients and other people who cannot afford to buy clothes for their families at the occasion of Eid. Along with unstitched clothes, cash gifts are also included in every Eid package.

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